Dick Wilde Bolverk Games / PlayStack 2017

Ol' Dick Wilde here has been in pest control his whole cotton-pickin life. He's come up with a bunch a custom weapons to help ordinary folk out with all sorts a' nasty critters. If you got a problem with hungry piranhas, angry 'gators, or even a shark or two - Dick's the guy to call. Key Features: Survive the critter horde; Party Mode - Have a hoedown by sharing the headset amongst friends and compete for the highscore. Who'll be the biggest hillbilly this year? 9 different environments - Ancient temples, pirate coves, industrial swamps...no location is out of bounds for Dick Wilde except maybe the dentist..he doesn’t believe in 'em; Dialogue and characters guaranteed to make you split your britches. Outrageous weapons: Electric Bow - Give those eels a taste of their own medicine with the electric bow - keep yer feet outta the water though; Nail Gun - Fully automatic but with killer recoil; Don't use it to fix your shack; Grenade Launcher - If you' ve had one too many moonshines the grenade launcher's your friend, make sure to throw after pulling the pin; Sawblade Rifle - Dick's personal favourite, skim the blades across the lake to take out multiple critters in one go; Many more, all with alternative fire modes.
Download: None currently available

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