Buritan / Yo-Yo Shooting Probability 50% 2004

This is a doujin shmup very similar in style to Rinne Tensho. You can attack with a Yo-Yo device. Kill the enemy while hitting the shot. If you capture the bonus that comes out at that time (stick eggplant, jaco eggplant) continuously, you score. It will rise from 100 points up to 51200 points. If you miss the bonus when you are out on the screen (go out of the screen), the score per unit returns to 100 points. If you kill enemies in a row using yo-yo, it is a high score. The magnification will be displayed when you kill. When defeating at yo, the number of bonus will increase according to that magnification (it will not increase more than x32) If you knock down at yo, Roger technique also enters. Kill machine also enters yo-yo technique.
Full Demo 116MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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