#Archery VRUnicorns / Bandello 2017

Imagine waking up one day and having to do basically everything with a bow and arrow. Crazy right? Well, that is what happened to you and now you need to live your life accordingly. Play your way through your various work days where you sell ice cream to kids, make vegetarian pizzas, deliver newspapers, chop wood, catch fish, destroy someones lawnmower and various other shenanigans. We don't judge, but we certainly encourage you to destroy EVERYTHING. After playing this game you can add the following job titles to your CV: Pizza Baker; Paper Deliver; Wood Chopper; Fisherman; Ice Cream Seller; Hot Dog Eater; Florist; Balloon Smasher; Gunslinger; Basketball Player; Whack-A-Moler; Airplane Crasher; Fluffy Unicorn Creator & more to come.
Download: None currently available

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