Battlegun Norven Games 2017

This is a fun and online cartoon fps game. Create a room and kill the rival team. See more fun on multiple maps. You can spend plenty of time with your friends in this game. It's a fast paced online FPS game that combines elements of arena/town shooters, team combat, and modern FPS gameplay. Inspired by game like TF2 and other lesser known titles, it mixes and mashes them together to create a whole new experience and familiarity for all playstyles. Play as unique characters with their own abilities and weapons that define their gameplay and playstyle. Gameplay Features: Online Multiplayer - Hop in and play with your friends and other people. Prove yourself to be the very best and have fun; Fast Paced Combat - it's far from realistic gameplay. Many characters are capable of reaching high speeds through the use of their abilities and utility. Ranging from sprinting, wall jumping or bunny hopping. Players can dodge attacks through the use of dashing and counter attack their enemies; Deathmatch Mode - This mode is the first to kill the most players. This mode is one of the most fun modes.
Download: None currently available

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