Sayurin's Magical Quest Chinchilla Softhouse 2003

It is a story in a mysterious fantasy world. Sorry, the main character Sayuri left the room to go out for a walk in the evening. Yuichi of a friend arrived there in a moribund. "Mai ... It got caught ... Bad news that Mai who is a close friend was taken to a man in a mysterious black cloak ... "I will help the dance ...!" Although it was just saved by Mai who always stands with the sword's arms, I firmly resolve not to stay even if I was there. Then, a long and steady adventure journey begins of the witch child Sayurin. Can Sayuri really find and find Mai safely ...? It looks like a shooter at first glance, but it is an action role playing game. While fighting with enemies to level up or getting items by performing quests, we will advance the story. The final goal of the game is to find and rescue Mai, my best friend. In addition to Mai in the middle of adventure you can meet characters who will become friends. Although it is possible to clear the game without having everyone as a friend, if you make it to a friend, it will be powerful and will back up your adventure, so please do help by all means.
Full Demo 375MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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