Maidlien Yoshiba Works 2004

This is a vertically scrolling shooter that takes place during a fictional war on the planet of Dian, which is much like Earth. It tells the story of the fight between five prominent families on the planet. The gameplay focuses on Lien, a 14-year-old maid who is armed with a forward-firing cannon for aerial and ground targets. The player shoots through four stages, each level ends with a boss fight and each game begins with three lives. Players can increase their fire power by collecting bonus dropped by defeated enemies. As long has enough power-ups the player will not lose a life if hit by enemies or bullets, but their fire power will be lowered one level. If the player has reached the lowest limit and hit by bullets, they lose a life and the option to continue is given when all lives are lost.
Full Demo 43MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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