Matataki B & W Station 2006

Long ago, a mysterious power splitting the world that continues to expand ยท [instant (Matataki)]. Its ability was inherited by things that draw blood of [instantaneous use], and it was passed down from generation to generation, but as time went by, its ability also declined as "power to cross the world", "power to cross the space". Now the number of things that inherit that ability has also been reduced, and what was once the world was forgotten, but ...? Still manipulate the girl who momentarily researches the moment in a world where there is no guns, Erika and Erica who came from the blinking world of instantaneous use, and bad bad guys (?)! Instantaneous system - You can consume a certain amount of gauge and move a fixed distance instantaneously. Avoid danmaku and go to defeat enemies, use it effectively. Combo system - When you defeat the enemies in succession until the red gauge on the right of the screen disappears, it becomes a combo. Since it affects the bonus after the stage clearance, let's conscious when aiming at high scores.
Full Demo 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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