Desert Raider AGD / Ediciones Manali 1991

As the captain of infantry you need to cross the Sahara desert in a jeep, while fighting against "enemy armadas. For any particular military conflict game is not tied - but it is possible to dream that we face a Frenchman from the "Army of the Desert" Leclerc, an Englishman of the Long Range Desert Group, and even the soldiers of the Spanish colonial army somewhere in the Rio de Oro, or Segiet el-Hamra. Third person view from behind; Jeep automatically moves forward, we can only slightly "redirect" to the left or right. The task - to avoid obstacles and shoot at enemies that are represented (supposedly) only Air Force (helicopters, airplanes) and which explode from one hit, and generally stay on the screen at most a few seconds. Some of them are really not aggressive, but others drop bombs that instantly kill the jeep in contact with him - such munitions need to keep up to shoot in the air or dodge them. Almost more dangerous than the enemy air force, are part of the landscape: large rocks, or already mentioned mysterious cactus: the clash with them leads to inevitable destruction. Along the way you can collect some purple bonuses, similar to the fuel cans - but recently some reason (as if), and so does not decrease. The game is divided into several practically do not differ from each other levels; to complete the level necessary to reach the filling stations similarity desert. Graphics - just CGA (as always in EM games), rather quality, though unassuming-looking. The complexity of the process can be evaluated as an average. In general - nothing special, of course, but - a rarity.
Floppy Image ISO Demo 285kb (uploaded by

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