Vertical Strike Endless Challenge Project ICKX / AGM PLAYISM 2017

Wipe out limitless waves of incoming enemies. A flight-based action game designed to be easy to pick up and enjoy right away, and be playable over short time frames. Make use of a range of weapons and achieve dangerously high levels of mobility by disabling your Alpha Limiter to spear your way through waves of enemy attacks. There are two game modes: "Arcade Mode: Anti-Air" and "Arcade Mode: Anti-Ship". Make strategic choices of weaponry to secure your victory. Upon completion of a mode you will have the option of tweeting your score to see how high you ranked globally. Anti-Air Arcade Mode - Shoot down enemy fighters in this air born battle mode; Do whatever it takes to dominate the skies. Anti-Ship Arcade Mode - Sink enemy ships to the bottom of the ocean; Evade heavy canon fire and swoop in for your attack. New-age Maneuverability - Make use of vectored thrusts and disabling the Angle of Attack limiter to force your enemies into retreat. Extensive Artillery - Choose from a wide range of weapons to give yourself the edge against your enemies. Link to Twitter - Share your results with the world, challenge the best players. "Do whatever it takes to dominate the skies!" The high freedom of movement in this game lets you dance across the sky, shooting down waves of incoming enemies. As you become familiar with the controls, you will start to discover more stylish ways to take down enemy fighters. Refine your skills and make your own stylish plays. Some favorite methods are somersaulting behind enemies on your tail, or dive-bombing enemy fleets from a high altitude.
Download: None currently available

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