Hurricane of the Varstray, The: Threat of Third Force DLC Studio SiestA / Rocket-Engine Co.,Ltd. 2017

This is the "SUPER MYSTERY MAGAZIN MU" and traumatic collaboration. Of shooter the strongest ever firepower is the "Baryon Laser". Beat fleet of UFO with this. New challenge of StudioSiestA. The exhilarating feeling can't imitate in the other, and continuing catharsis of destruction. Plunge into new stage for operation. A new 4 stage, add many enemies, and moreover the new weapon which increased in the destructive power. Feeling of exhilarating is immeasurable. The main character of Aurelia and Leontina is popular of the previous work. Challenge mystery of the UFO this time. "MU" is the only truth is told in Japan. The story was written by "MU" cooperation. Does their mystery become clear? "UFO Panels" are hidden in the game. Let's collect UFO Panels and complete a UFO guide. Surprised by the hidden facts. Maybe we are dominated by "their".
Download: None currently available

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