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This is a love letter to shmup's [Shoot 'em up or space shooters], read in a slightly different manner: In turn-based battles. Your mission, our mission, is very simple: The dragons are fleeing with all our Elixir supply. Stop them. We have an advantage: We are FASTER. Our engines are capable of doing "Juxtaposition Ultra Movement Positioning", or JUMPs, as we call it. It will not be easy, as the Dragon drones can invade our Jumps, attacking us inside while traveling faster than light. These drones are predictable and always act by following pre-set patterns, but too many drones within the JUMP can be certain death. It's a Tactics SHMUP. An excellent Coffee break game. Be a pilot of the Bastards Federation: A group formed by the Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs who used to live in peace, sharing their love for all Beverages. Your mission: JUMP! Chase the Dragons and stop them from running away with all that is most sacred to the Bastards by jumping from sector to sector, facing hordes of enemies in turn-based battles. Each Sector is a Board. Each given "JUMP" represents a new combat board generated procedurally, simulating combat situations only seen in SHMUPs. Pick from four playable Ships, all inspired by classic weapons: The Ballista, Dagger, Hammer and Staff. Equip and Upgrade your ship with different weapons and accessories that change the combat dynamics. Not only inspired by the classic Shmups and Bullet Hells, it's also influenced by tactical games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Jeanne d'Arc and Roguelikes like FTL and Crypt of the NecroDancer. Like the classic games of the past, it has a complete MANUAL, accessible within the game.
Download: None currently available

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