Karnage Chronicles Nordic Trolls 2017

Early Access Release What path will you choose when your world is under siege? You play a Murkwraith on a mission to defeat enemies of the lands and restore order onto the world, in a high fantasy epic where good and evil are mere shades of the same color. Where you come from, and what is your purpose, are questions you'll need to uncover to shape your future. The launch version of Early Access will average between 2 to 4 hours of gameplay. This includes a region with three play areas, each with their own unique monsters and boss encounters. During Early Access we'll add additional classes, RPG elements, and expand the content, increasing the overall playtime well beyond 10+ hours. We're also working on support for Oculus Rift. Action focused VR combat - it's designed exclusively for the Virtual Reality platform and takes full advantage of what VR and room-scale has to offer. Block, deflect, and swing your bladed weapons in long, sweeping motions. Dodge attacks, take cover, and strafe your enemies, all as you would in real life. Who are you, where do you come from, and what is your purpose? It has more to offer than slaying enemies. Discover the truth about your past to shape your destiny in the future. Each region in the game will feature several unique monsters and boss encounters, some featuring new twists on old tropes. We have a Vulture Bear. Unique classes - Find the play style that works best for you. Wreak karnage upon your enemies as a Warrior or an Archer, both equipped with a unique set of close combat and long ranged weapons catered to the class's strengths and weaknesses. During Early Access we also aim to add Mage and Cleric to the mix.
Download: None currently available

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