Viking Rage N-Gon Entertainment / Headup Games 2017

Axes up, Bows drawn, Raise your horns. Trolls, kobolds and other mythical creatures have it in for the fortress of the Vikings - and these are exactly who you're gonna beat up left and right. Thanks to virtual reality, in this tower defense game with a twist you are in the middle of the action, which might even make a bearded raider cry. No use for fast clicking - you've got the controllers and with that the protection of your village in your hands, so go all out and: Throw axes and bombs; Shoot with bow and arrows or crossbows; Play with the four elements; Surprise the intruders with traps. There are outlandish lands, ludicrous weapons and all kinds of enemies to discover. Let Thor guide you to reach a Norse war frenzy.
Download: None currently available

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