Autumn Night 3D Shooter Sergey Bobrov 2017

First and foremost, this game is an experiment in coding a software renderer. It's an engine that renders the image via CPU, without involving the graphics adapter, much like the 90's games did. The developer wanted to find out if it's possible to code an engine like that from scratch nowadays, and if it can run at 60 FPS on a modern PC. It was a self-imposed challenge. Once the engine was finished, he thoughthe could make a game with it, an FPS like the early shooters from the 90's. He was quite impressed with them back in the day, and he's been looking to recreate them for a long time. Thus, this game is a 90's FPS. A simplistic story takes a backseat to pure run-and-gun gameplay. On graphics and visuals: he was creating the visuals based on the imagery from his dreams. He tried to convey the mood and atmosphere of his dreams through level design.
Download: None currently available

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