Dreadnought Yager Development / Grey Box 2017

A competitive free-to-play multiplayer game that combines the characteristics of a space simulation, action game, and strategy. It was created by a team known for the FPS Spec Ops: The Line. The game takes you into the future, putting you amid a heated rivalry between powerful factions that aim to colonize space. As a mercenary you pick up various jobs from whoever pays the most. Gameplay focuses on battles fought between the players both in space and in the atmosphere of nearby planets. One of the title's characteristic features, is the fact that instead of a fast and agile fighter you command a massive space dreadnought and are given the control of every element of your vessel: starting from individual mechanical parts through weapons to her crew. You can also assembly squads of smaller ships and command them in battles. It boasts excellent graphics that translate into great visual experience.
Open Beta (uploaded by Official Site)

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