Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts DLC Ubisoft 2017

The second major expansion is also part of the Season Pass. This time the Ghosts are on the back-foot after a helicopter crash leaves them stranded on their way to a mission. Meanwhile, a brutal new special unit is on their trail, tasked with putting the Ghosts out of action for good. It's a direct continuation of Ghost Recon Wildlands main story. Following the fall of the Santa Blanca Cartel, the Unidad military force is having a hard time maintaining stability – causing our fictionalized Bolivia to descend into civil war. In a bid to restore order, they issue a call to arms: anyone willing to help rebuild the country is welcome to join. This attracts the attention of rough sorts – disgraced Special Forces squads, ex-cartel members, mercenaries and criminals from right across South America – all after a chance to grab some of the Santa Blanca’s old infrastructure for their own gain. As such, a new faction is born: "Los Extranjeros" (The Foreigners). These fellows are far more interested in following Unidad's call to take down any American agents still holed up on Bolivian soil. With this in mind, the Ghosts are sent on one final mission: pick up the remaining US citizens and get them out of the country. But when their helicopter is shot down en-route, they find themselves stuck in the middle of the jungle without external support, and with the well-equipped and heavily-armed Los Extranjeros closing in. Los Extranjeros come in four main types. Armored are equipped with heavy bulletproof plates, making them especially dangerous in close combat. Elite Snipers have advanced movement detectors, allowing them to spot far away targets and never miss a shot. Jammers have jamming equipment in their backpack, letting them neutralize drones and interfere with electronic equipment. And the stealthy Covert Ops have a new prototype cloaking device that makes them almost invisible, plus a powerful crossbow. The 15 mission campaign sets players the goal of taking down four new bosses in three different regions. With the Ghosts outgunned and outnumbered, the campaign missions are necessarily tactical affairs set in areas of jungle and swampland (complete with a retooled weather system to make things a little more intense), and – like the main campaign – the whole thing is fully playable in four player co-op. This new campaign starts players with a new level 30 character equipped with all the main game skills, and an increased level cap of 35. Nine new unlockable skills are also available, including physical skills (Oxygen increases the time you can swim underwater, Reaction Marking heightens your senses, allowing you to tag anyone who shoots at you), weapon (Explosive Bolt lets you equip your new crossbow with explosive bolts, Fast Reload increases your dexterity letting you reload weapons faster) and drone skills (Flash Drone turns your drone into a mobile flashbang, Drone Vengeance equips it with an explosive payload which detonates if it's shot down by an enemy.) Six new weapons also join the party, including new assault rifles, sniper rifles and a crossbow. You'll also find four new side-activity types, each with an exclusive reward. Advanced and Expert difficulties have been tweaked to provide even more of a challenge. Players brave enough to turn off the HUD will now be faced with a super-hardcore tactical experience that'll push the Ghosts to their limit.
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