QP Shooting Orange_Juice 2006

This is a shooting game with six stages. It is an orthodox shooting in which the boss appears at the end of each stage. When you defeat an enemy, all the bullets fired by that enemy will change to an item. If Life is hit with 0, the game will be over. You can continue up to 3 times. If you continue, you can not record replays. Also, you can not continue in shooting mode. If there is too much time per stage, Replay may not be recorded. Game modes: story - play through all 6 stages. In that case, directing according to conversation and scenario will be added; Shooting - play from the story mode without talking or directing. You can also select a stage to play. However, it must be cleared once regardless of difficulty level; Replay - You can play past play; Ranking - You can see past records; USA Room - Here you can increase new formations.
Full Demo 55MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Xmas DLC 11MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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