Radio Zonde Inudon Empire 2002

This is a good-looking vertical shooter and a great fighting game. Although the graphics are excellent and the gameplay very smooth, it's unfortunately bogged down with a severe gameplay balance problem. At first glance, you might (if you are a joystick expert) be delighted at seeing the whole screen filled with missiles with hardly a second of respite. That is, until you discover that in the default mode, your aircraft in the game - a cute-looking angel - is practically invincible. What fun is a shooter in which you cannot die? :) But once you switch the game back to "mortal" mode, I'd wager you won't last more than a few minutes. Needless to say, it would be much more fun had there been a difficulty level that falls somewhere between these two extremes of "invincible" and "impossible." As it stands, it's still a highly recommended shooter due to its excellent level and enemy designs, outstanding graphics, and plenty of fireworks. Just be mindful about the heavy gameplay imbalance. If you aren't confident of your action-gaming skills, it will prove much more frustrating than fun.
Free Game v1.41 30MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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