Legacy of Doom 2: TNT Evilution 1997

Supplement to the project "Legacy of Doom 2 " for Quake 2. It's a remake of the first part of Final Doom: TNT Evilution , made specifically for Quake 2. 40 battle maps in five episodes in a single sequence. As well as four modes: the Normal, Ultra-Violence, Nightmare, God-Mode. Almost every map is presented in all modes, each game mode is more difficult than the previous. Unique secret levels, which were not in the original TNT Evilution. Unique fifth episode, which requires the player to find all the secrets in the previous four episodes ( medals collection ). D2TNT Run - only on advanced graphics engine KMQUAKE2 ( knightmare engine ). The archive includes a set of maps ( fighting and intermediate ), level-shots, new sound effects, and models as well as new music for TNT Evilution ( Sycraft Doom's Soundtracks ) and a new set of textures for this supplement. New textures are decompressed in baseq2 / textures folder. A new unique map for the section " unique maps " on the home map LOD2 project: " DBZ - Temple then of The Skies Above ". Boots as follows: New Game - Legacy of Doom 2 the Nexus ( starting the project card ) - Special Features ( the section on the map ) - Unique Maps (AS) ( the entrance to the teleport ) - the fourth map ( number 4 ). Features: 1. Doom MEDALS: if you find all the secrets in one battle map, you can get a medal. Collect all the medals in all the usual campaign combat maps ( 32 maps, including all the secret ), then you can gain access to the fifth episode. 2. After the fifth episode is passed, it is possible to gain access to the latest secret levels. 3. Added loading screen ( levelshots ) for new cards, respectively. 4. The assembly includes an optional update package texture: 1mrtex, d2lgcy, d2lgcy2, d2tpack1, d2tpack2, dnukem, doom1, h3pack, mario_1, mcraft1, paints, paints3, pax_items, special. 5. New soundtracks ( music folder ) out of Final Doom: TNT ( Sycraft Doom's Soundtracks ).
Download 923MB (uploaded by Playground.ru)

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