Aeon Illusion Ranger 2017

This is a VR shooting game for HTC Vive. There is not much stories, we just put a pair of sharp sword on your back, hand over you two heavy caliber pistols, and let you do the kill! And we offered you a super cool bullet time ability, Think of all those bad ass movie which has slow motion, Now you can do the same thing. There is no cool down for bullet time, but when you fire your weapon or move your hands quickly, The time speed will be increased too. In general, the slower you move, the slower time flows, that will make the slow motion has a movie like rhythm. You have to control your body steady, observe enemy's action carefully, make the shot smartly. Now you can see your whole body in a VR game and dance ( lol ), the technology will use your headset and controller position to calculate your other body parts movements. We think be able to see your body is very important. Because there is no way you can feel good with seeing amputated hands waving around. A lot of effort was put on the reactions of enemies when they got hit. You shoot different parts of the enemy at different distances, they will react very differently. And it has a very very effective real-time cutting system, which allow you to use your swords to cut everything into pieces. Are you sick of using a toy gun in VR games? The heavy calibre gun that's offered, they're not just louder, you can feel the huge power when you shoot it. Watch the enemy be blown up by your bullets. We dig into all details about the physique reactions, the bullet shell will bounce around and you can catch them if you're fast enough, you can turn enemy's rockets back or slash them into pieces, your can use your weapon to block the bullets or cut them, You can hold the shell of a rocket in your arms. We devote to make the graphic and experience as real as possible, but some of our early test feedbacks shows that some players just want simple graphics to make the experience more relaxed, So we also included a simple style level in the beginning, We think it will also help beginners to focus on learning battle skills. We already started to work the new content, to add new levels, new bad ass weapons, new interesting monsters soon. After you finish all levels, you can start over with a harder mode, you will have less health, and the enemy will be much smarter too.
Download: None currently available

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