Primal Reign Immersive VR Limited 2017

It's World War Two, and you're in Egypt taking back lands claimed by the Nazis. You're exploring an ancient Egyptian Chamber when you stumble upon a Nazi experiment in time travel gone wrong. The time gate has gone into reverse, pulling primal beasts from the past into the present. And your pal Tommy has been dragged through the portal. WTF? Play in VR and take on the role of Archie – one of the soldiers fighting for his life from the waves of marauding beasts, and struggling to save his friend. In this game you’ll battle the beasts with a WW2 submachine gun and as much ammo as you need to fend off the hordes in a frantic fight to the death, as you try to survive on limited health. But beware – the enemy can appear from anywhere around you and you’re their next tasty meal. What started out at as a quick experiment in AI, turned into the chance to make a really fun, arcade-like and slightly wacky (Nazis, dinos, tombs anyone?) VR shooter game. There's a few things we've put into this game that we are yet to see being done for a ground up VR game, such as cutscenes. Plus there are elements we plan to add that we feel will stand out from other games, such as the player seeing their character's demise, without the nausea that VR can sometimes cause. And hopefully Primal Reign ups the quality expectations of VR games in terms of visuals, while keeping it fun and light-hearted. The game currently has a few simple features: 10 increasingly difficult waves or hordes of enemies trying to kill you; 1 World War Two era sub-machine gun and access to a currently unlimited supply of magazines; An ancient sword to defend yourself with 1 Word War Two era Fully Automatic Rifle and access to a currently unlimited supply of magazines; Grenades!; Some witty banter; A teleporter to move you around the game. The goal? To survive the waves and escape the ruins through the portal. If you fail? We'll leave that up to the bad guys.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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