Woeful Woebots Hello Bard AS 2017

This is an action-packed arcade shooter made from the ground up for VR. As the founder of the Woebotics Corporation you find yourself bewildered as your very own robot creations suddenly turn against you. Your awful programming skills somehow let their artificial intelligence run amok and has given them free will. And they're not going to serve you your afternoon tea with that running their CPU-cores, that's for sure. Maybe they'll serve you some hot lead instead! As their master you have to destroy every single one of them before they do something strikingly similar to you. Grab your guns from your super high-tech hips and blast your way through their filthy electronic meat. Shoot evil robots with tactically-minded AI that die when you kill them to death. Move somewhat freely around the level by shooting carefully placed target points. Use it to your strategical advantage and surprise your enemies. No motion sickness semi-guaranteed in a super-non legally binding way. Fight with your friends over who can climb to the top of the amazingly innovative local high score list. Steam Leaderboards are coming in the first mini-update. Absolutely NO multiplayer at all. Be completely free from the pressures of online fighting that could RUIN your FRIENDSHIPS with REAL people (yes that's a unique feature!).
Download: None currently available

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