XField Paintball 3 Racing Bros / ANPA.US 2017

Tactical FPS / Sport Gameplay version 1.0 with strategy and communication tools. Proprietary paintball physic engine; a real challenge to develop, but now paintballs brake with a very accurate air friction simulation. 4 maps, including official competition layouts with rich level design, & a scenario map (more maps would increase waiting time at release, so we keep some maps already dev for the coming weeks). A Fully Immersive FPS / Sport Game. Paintball is an amazing sport, offering intense competition and strong team experiences. On the surface it may appear to be a straightforward shooting game, but it is not - strategy is essential for success. Your team’s strategy, tactics and coordination may not be obvious at first sight but make all the difference between mindless shooting and truly playing the sport of paintball. There are two more ingredients that make our paintball game unique. The first is realistic ballistics and the second is the maps, or layouts, designed by pros for competitions. The quality of those layouts rely on their real life "level design" that makes them suitable for international competition. They want to create a new video game experience, based on the most realistic and immersive simulation possible of the sport of paintball, including features that reveal the depth and natural gameplay of this sport. The game is developed with pro players to address both the paintball community and the PC player without paintball experience. XFP is a hybrid FPS and sports video game, a real-time multiplayer competition where you can play: 5v5 is the main mode. Dev team can adapt the mode (1v1 to 5v5), according to the number of players on the servers to optimize your waiting time. Other modes will open gradually. Official layouts of all international leagues (NXL, Millennium, PALS, CXBL, UWL, SARPL). Real parabolic shooting with independent physics for each paintball. Fire rate of 10.5 shots/second and per player (up to 200 simultaneous trajectories). Strategy & communication tools. Progressive low latency servers deployment in USA and Europe first. In a nutshell, we want to create the Official Paintball Video Game, based on: A fully immersive technical and design environment. Gameplay based on team strategy, tactics and communication. And a strong, community-driven update plan.
Download: None currently available

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