Shuusou Gyoku Shunsatsu sare do? / P.B.G / Amusment Makers 2000

This is a vertical-scrolling danmaku shoot 'em up, and is the first official game in the Seihou Project. It features one playable character (VIVIT) with 3 different modes. Homing missile is good for beginners or people who are too lazy to move. Wide shot is also useful for less movement, and can clear a whole screen of enemies quickly. Laser is great for destroying a boss fast. The game uses an Evade system to let the players rack up massive scores by constantly grazing. All enemies drop point/power items; their value increases based on the point system and how high you are on the screen when you collect them. The game is inspired by the Touhou Project. ZUN has contributed to some art within the game, where Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame appear in their brand new Windows outfits, two years before Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The game takes place on Earth in the future. VIVIT, a robot maid, has been sent out to run errands for her master, but she is constantly interrupted by battles. There are 6 stages, and one very difficult extra stage. The music of this game includes 20 original tracks composed by ZUN in MIDI format for the SC-88Pro. Each of the phases in the final boss fight, as well as both extra stage bosses, have an individual theme, very similar to that of a typical Touhou Project game.
Full Demo 5.5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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