Quake Champions id Software / Bethesda Softworks 2017

Another installment of the legendary series of first-person shooters developed by id Software. The series became very popular mostly thanks to its great and well-balanced multiplayer modes. Quake Champions concentrates on that aspect of the gameplay and lacks a classic campaign mode. Instead, it features dynamic gameplay for many players. The matches are played in a few varied PvP modes. One of the biggest and most controversial new features is allowing the players to control one of many completely different characters with unique special abilities. This lets the players choose a character whose fighting style fits their preferences. The developers made sure that abilities of some characters won't give anyone unfair advantage during the matches and that the outcome of rounds – similarly as in previous installments of the series – depends only on skills of the players. It features a free-to-play option, allowing players to play as Ranger (similar to the model used in Killer Instinct), with additional characters available for purchase.
Open Beta *requires registration (uploaded by Official Site)

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