Doom Expanded 1993

This is a compilation enhancement mod for GZDoom for use with the original Doom IWADs. The purpose of this modification is to add a number of graphical, sound, and gameplay enhancements as well as other tweaks and additions to the classic Doom experience while keeping the original gameplay intact. Features: Updated Vanilla monsters with new sounds, gore, and alternate deaths; New blood and gore effects (compliments of edited NashGore resources); Monsters have accurate blood color (Baron/HK = Green, Caco = Blue); New translucent Spectre with nearly invisible blood; New GL effects for Monsters (fireballs, glowing bodies, and new Lost Soul); Smooth animated weapons, with enhanced sounds, sprites, and effects; Bullet and Shell casings for Pistol, Shotgun, S. Shotgun, and Chaingun; New explosion and plasma effects; All items now have new sounds, and some even have new sprites; High-res versions of many of the classic Doom sounds; New world sounds like ricochet bullets, body thuds, and weapon drops; All new wall decal effects (bullets, saw marks, scortches, blood, etc); New OpenGL light and sprite effects for lamps, torches, and other light sources; Warp effects for all liquids and Doom 2 falls; OpenGl Glow effects for various flats; Brightmaps for characters, items, decor, flats, and wall textures; New Splash effects for liquids; Updated and fixed Doom 2 Cast Call with new background; Skunk's "Thy Flesh Consumed" episode intermission map built-in; 5 new music tracks for "Thy Flesh Consumed", all from Robert Prince's Beta Doom music collection; New Par Times for "Thy Flesh Consumed" based on Compet; N speed run averages; Fixed E4M3 torch secrets; Super Shogun can be used in Doom 1/Ultimate (with cheats); Secret cheat weapon (Unmaker) And much more.
Download 17.2MB (uploaded by speedracer)

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