Formicide Rock Wall Games, LLC 2017

This is a fast-paced 2D online platformer with a lineup of versatile classes. Think Worms meets Team Fortress 2. Face off with teammates against enemies in destructible environments with the weapons and abilities at your disposal. Features: Online multiplayer - Blow up ants anywhere in the world; Drop-in, drop-out servers - Join an in-progress game any time that's convenient for you; Team based objectives - Control point beacons with your team to win the match; Classes with varied playstyles - 8 playable classes. Play as a tough soldier, a cloaking hunter, a turret-building engineer, and more; Customize your class' ultimate ability, giving multiple playstyles to each class; High skill ceiling - Easy to learn, difficult to master; Matches are 5-10 minutes, convenient for the lifestyle of the modern ant on the go; Random events - Collect powerups to give your team an advantage. Make bombs rain from the sky, unleash a swarm of enemy-seeking hunter worms, and others; Unique environments - 7 playable maps. Swelter in the desert sun, climb through snowy mountains, or hold your breath with your tiny ant lungs to dive into a coral reef; Destructible terrain - Demolish a path through the ground towards your enemies, or create barricades of dirt for protection; Host your own Formicide dedicated server, either public or private.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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