Sispri Gauntlet D5 2005

This is a Japanese version of the classic arcade game Gauntlet based on the characters of Sister Princess and it's a 3rd person shmup with bullets flying everywhere. It uses 'cute' female assailants, but don’t let this put you off, as it becomes remarkably difficult later on, and these female assailants are anything but cute re: their firepower. Expect to dodge a lot of bullets in this one. If you survive the first level and boss battles, you are doing well. Probably astonishingly well if it is your first attempt. Be warned it gets extremely hard later on. "Smash TV" fans will enjoy it for it's Anime characters and graphics. The basic version has three characters, each with different powers, and allows up to three players. There are plenty of power-ups, different weapons to locate, loads of enemies on screen at once, and super big boss battles. As well as the great (sometimes almost hallucinogenic) artwork, it needs fighting skills in profusion. There are many secrets to discover, secret characters, and secret weapons to name just two. The basic version finishes after level 2. The final update version has 17 levels, with level 6 resembling level 13, just entered at a different point by a different gate. Other levels are notably different though. A game save facility is available as it/s not possible to complete all the levels at a single play-through, quite aside of how long this would take/ You get about a second or so of invulnerability at the start of each level; use this to shoot as many enemies as you can/ While you still have the chance. Basically you probably either enjoy 'bullet hell' type of games, or you don’t. If you do, this is one of the very best around.
Full Demo + Final Update 2 40+420MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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