Space Dynagon Kai PlatineDispositif 2007

This is a game about a 'feudal' Japanese priestess who makes her way through the invading alien infantry, killing Space Onion after Space Onion. It takes the idea of ground-based shooting from Pocky & Rocky, and combines that with many elements from Zelda, of all things. You are no longer gunning through long, linear levels, but now are free to explore the open, almost maze-like stages that it consists of. Each stage is puzzle like, requiring you to flip switches, and perform other tasks in order to advance. Your enemies are all 'Leaf People', Onion-like... things that are distinguished by their various head-wear. There are some that fly, some that wear top hat, a few have afros, there's even an American Leaf Person, who is angrier than the rest. The Leaf People come in two colors, red and green, with several variations, of each; there are also Pumpkin-men, who sport similar permutations. There is an in-game glossary, which is written in Katakana.
Full Demo 19MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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