Pilgrim: Dread the Commonwealth 2015

Pilgrim is a horror overhaul for Fallout 4 created from the ground up by l00ping and TreyM, the creators of Photorealistic Commonwealth and Cinematic Film Looks. This mod takes much of it's inspiration from the atmosphere and weather seen in the American horror film, The Witch. New weather, sounds, and environment lighting have been completely designed from scratch by l00ping to bring dreadful atmosphere and realism. A new camera emulation system has been designed by TreyM using a new tonemapping method that emulates the way a digital cinema camera captures footage on a film set. A new weather plugin has been created with this new tonemapping method in mind and is tightly integrated with the ENB, which means the weather plugin will only work properly with Pilgrim. The ENB features lens emulation, film grain, adjustable letter-boxing, optional sharpening, and a lift shadows function that can be disabled for deeper shadows. All features are toggle-able. The performance is quite good, dropping only 5-6 fps average and about 10-12 fps in cities on a single GTX 970 at 1080p. Two extra presets of the ENB with lowered quality settings have been created for weaker systems. For the beta release of Pilgrim, l00ping has created a new dynamic music system that adjusts based on the current weather, as well as a brand new set of exploration and combat music composed and created specifically for Pilgrim which replaces the vanilla music. The end result is a dynamic sound track that will change and compose itself depending on the current weather for an evolving experience. A new slider has been created in the audio options of the game to allow you to tune the effect to your taste. They are attempting to replace Dogmeat with a goat named Black Phillip in a future release, but until that happens, they have re-textured him, gave him glowing eyes, and adjusted his audio a bit to sound a little less cheerful. These changes are included in an optional plugin.
Download (uploaded by Nexus Mods)

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