Quake Live / Quake Zero id Software 2009

Quake Live is very much focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game, so as to nudge the game into succeeding its predecessor Quake III Arena as a "major league" FPS eSports competition game.
It was originally a free version of Quake III Gold launched via a web browser.
Quake Live was backed financially by in-game advertising from IGA Worldwide. And the game has over 25 arenas and 4 game modes. On August 6, 2010, the game left beta. For those who payed $1.99 a month for "premium" access they would earn admittance to 20 exclusive levels, a new Freeze Tag game mode, "premium level awards," the ability to create a clan and join 5 others, Quake-themed PC wallpaper, and the ability to have their match statistics stored for 6 months. The next tier of subscription, dubbed "Pro," included everything in the "Premium" library, and more, for $3.99 a month. The upper level subscription allowed gamers to control their Quake Like experience further by allowing players to start their own server, specify the server's location and game mode, and invite whomever they wish to the game. Additionally, those who subscribed at this level could invite free-playing members to play on a Premium level map. Further, Pro subscribers had the ability to join up to 10 distinct clans, had their match data stored for 12 months, and earned exclusive awards. On Dec/2013, it was converted to a downloadable standalone client instead of running in browser. In Oct/2015, the game was changed to one purchasable price with addition of Steamworks. It added new Start Match feature which allows players to run their own Listen Servers which support Internet, LAN, and local bot-match play. And now it is easier for a group of friends to play either Internet or LAN matches through the new Lobby feature.
2015 Portable Pre-Steam Free Game v0.1.0.697 828MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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