Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad Saurus Co. Ltd., DotEmu SAS / SNK Playmore Corp. 2016

The sequel to the 1998 arcade and NEOGEO fan favorite 2D action shooting game, returns to the missions on the Steam battlefield. Progress through the bullet hell, and put a stop to DIO's evil plans. Arcade: Pick up one of the four mercenary characters available, and fight your way through the bullet hell to put a stop to DIO, a terrorist organization who is threatening the world's leaders to submit to their will. Multiplayer: Connect to Steam and clear missions with a brother-in-arms far away via the Online Co-Op Play feature; Engage with a fellow countryman or foreign ally, and try to eradicate the terrorist threat known as "DIO". Leaderboards: Check your current rank & score at any time, as well as those of your friends and other top troopers. Configure all types of video options, controls and volume sound settings to your preference for the most pleasant experience ever.
Download: None currently available

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