Through The Void Jacob Vanbendegon 2017

You take the role of a soul trying to escape the shadowy depths of the Void. Take on an intense bullet hell boss in a minimalist setting to win your freedom! Includes two difficulty levels - Normal Mode, and Ultra Mode, which adds new patterns and attacks. How far can you get? You fire with the ‘Z’ button which automatically aims in the direction of the enemy and control your ship/soul with the mouse which allows you to precisely weave in between bullets (although there is a slight lag that you have to account for which makes later stages of the fight very challenging). There's only one enemy to worry about in the game, but it takes some beating as it switches between a variety of forms and attack patterns while you slowly chip away at its health. It’s a real challenge beating the guardian in Normal Mode, but you can ramp up the difficulty to Ultra if you really want to get your ass kicked. It impresses with its stylish minimalist visuals, interesting narrative and easily accessible bullet hell gameplay that still manages to offer players a real challenge.
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