Still Not Dead Greg Sergeant / Flying Interactive 2017

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jan 24/2018 This is an action survival roguelike that focuses on tactical choice, sandbox gameplay and insane action. Race against death to discover weapons, items, cash, food and ammo - all while fighting against hordes of monsters before being chased into the next, more brutal level of hell. Infinite procedural stages, permadeath, dynamic destruction, a plethora of insane weapons and items + a unique blessing/curse system means no game plays out the same way - outgun hell, outsmart your demons and see just how far you can go. Features: tons of unique weapons and items including flamethrowers, axes, chainsaws, blackholes, barbwire; choose blessings and curses as you progress, dramatically changing the game; fully destructible environments, dynamic fire and weather system; massive hordes of monsters in an open sandbox world; 'Pick up n play' gameplay, gets you right into the game; hand drawn pixel-art and original soundtrack.
Download: None currently available

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