Recession Super Strong Games 2017

Early Access Release This is a 4v1 cop vs. robbers multiplayer shooter. Four robbers attempt to rob a central location full of money bags while a single cop with heavy armor and weapons tries to take all 4 down before they can escape with the cash. The police force has access to heavy military-grade weaponry and armor. To cut costs, only one officer is sent out to take down groups of criminals. Meanwhile, the criminals are just trying to make a quick buck, robbing banks, convenience stores, and more. Features: Fast-paced, four vs. one gameplay; Asymmetrical maps; Low poly, flat-shaded, art style; Unique play-styles for both criminals and police; POLICE - Attack the criminals escaping with money bags using brute force or stealth; CRIMINALS - Capture and bring the money bags back to the extraction point and defend against the oncoming cop; Character customization; Play solo against bots.
Download: None currently available

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