Space Conquest NyanBlade / Masai Interactive 2017

Early Access Release This is a casual multiplayer FPS for VR (PvP), combining fast-paced gameplay with competitive close quarters combat. Instantly jump into a game across different maps with no queues. This arcade shooter showcases colorful environments, quick respawn rates and intuitive controls which makes it fun to play for anyone. Features: Fast paced action (PvP); Online 4 player competitive gamemode - Arms Race; Pickups - Double Damage, InstaKill and Rapid Fire; AI bots; Quick respawns; "Quick Play" - no time is wasted trying to find games or waiting for them to start; Intuitive UI - straight to the point; Small maps to encourage close quarters combat; Laser weapons; Great performance; Avatar customisation; Voice chat; EU, US and ASIA Servers; Free locomotion with snap turning.
Download: None currently available

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