Xenoslaive Overdrive EVXIO 2017

Minerva, a mysterious sentient crystal from Pandora, has begin their invasion on Earth. Humanity has been threatened by powerful entity from another world. In a final effort to protect the planet, the human resistance sends a force of the lone wolf Xenoslaive to destroy the invaders. While a war between pandora and human continuous to rage on... Will Xenoslaive succeed in defeating Minerva and saving the Earth? You decide the destiny of humankind, as the greatest unforgettable hero returns. Key Features: 6 action-packed stages; 4 Unlockable perks; Game mechanics including alternate weapon mode, bullet grazing, and bullet cancelling; Gorgeous fractal graphics, music, and gameplay; 3 difficulty levels - EASY, NORMAL, HARD. Plus unlockable NO MERCY mode; Xbox controller with vibration, keyboard and mouse support.
Download: None currently available

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