Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare Infamus Entertainment 2017

Early Access Release This is a top-down action game that combines stealth and visceral combat. Unleash destructive mayhem by unlawfully taking control of remotely operated mechanized assets. View the action from a highly responsive satellite camera (SATCAM) that can track over the entire battlefield. Play using a keyboard of controller. Infiltrate and Annihilate: use your small support drone to infiltrate high security facilities; collect ammo, hack security turrets, lay hidden mines and stealthily dispatch patrolling enemies; when you're armed to the teeth and you've set deadly traps use your heavy assault drone to raise the alarm and raise hell on waves of responding local forces; brutal 'close in' combat with dozens of enemies on screen at once. 3 Zones and 12 Missions: 12 challenging levels of increasing security and enemy troop response numbers across 3 installations; many hours of gameplay in the game's current state. 20+ Unlocks in Arcade Mode (with many more to come soon): high performance will be rewarded with new weapons and upgrades for you to devastate your opposition; unlock futuristic heavy weaponry based on real-world weapons; gadgets include mines, laser targeters and suppressors. Clever enemy AI: infantry are organised into sections and commanded by squad leaders who will give orders to attack, find cover or retreat when necessary; as well as giving orders, squad leaders also increase the morale of their unit autonomous enemy vehicle assets will keep themselves within firing range. Combat performance bonus system (only found in Arcade mode): Multi-kills, high value target destruction, stealth kills and many, many more creative ways to annihilate your enemy will earn you a 'combat performance bonus'; earn 5 bonuses to unleash awesome, death from above firepower such as missile strikes and tank busting close air support. Stealth System: automated security turrets will relentlessly observe the area with long range scanners patrolling units will investigate and report anything out of the ordinary; try to set as many traps as you can without being noticed.
Download: None currently available

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