Six Shots Jack Goddard 2017

"Feeling responsible for the actions of a madman, that is a bottle that you will never see the bottom of." Detective Toby Capper was on the trail of notorious serial killers Michael and Brett Parks. They found him first. Now he's being walked out at gunpoint into the sprawling valleys of Utah. He sees his chance and kills Michael, taking his Revolver. Just one more killer to find in the middle of nowhere, but this one has a long rifle, a distant vantage point, and you in his sights. Tread carefully through the valley. Find Brett Parks. Do your Duty. A narrative thriller with the constant threat of attack and a single bullet meaning death. There are no checkpoints, If you die, the game restarts from the beginning. Thunderous and immersive positional audio accompanied by an atmospheric acoustic score from Nomadic. Multiple endings dictated by your play style and exploration of the environment. Dictaphone messages play notes from the three-year investigation as you explore. You've only got six shots.
Download: None currently available

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