Crashday Redline Edition Moonbyte / 2tainment GmbH 2017

More speed. More destruction. More fun than ever before. The most action-loaded arcade racer is back on Steam in a fully overhauled edition. This is the multiplayer arcade racer with near limitless possibilities. Race. Wreck. Shoot. Smash. Seven game modes. Battle online and offline. On roads and in arenas. Design and share your own tracks. Enjoy user-made mods, circuits and cars from Steam Workshop. Play the game the way you like. Today there are no rules. It brings you everything that you love about Crashday, carefully enhanced in various meaningful ways. Play in online multiplayer, single events or in the career game. Now including full Steam integration, with Steam-based lobbies, avatar images, voice chat and more. Seven Game Modes - Enjoy a variety of play styles such as Wrecking Match, Stunt Show or Race, as well as unique Crashday classics like Hold The Flag, Pass The Bomb or Bomb Run. Compete solo or in teams. Build and share your own crazy circuits using the integrated track editor. Choose from over 150 building blocks, including insane ramps, wicked corkscrews, off-road terrains and a lot more. Customize the hell out of the game. Download and play mods, cars, tracks and more from the newly integrated Steam Workshop, or create your own using the Crashday SDK. New: modded gameplay is now fully online-play compatible. Refreshed graphics - New lighting, reworked textures and a brushed-up HUD & UI. Gameplay tweaks - Enhanced controls, improved gamepad support and fine-tuned balancing in multiple areas of the game. 36 tracks including 10 new tracks specifically added for Redline Edition. 12 vehicles - Get behind the wheel of urban street rides, heavy off-roaders and high-speed sports cars. Weapons - Blast your enemies into pieces with missiles and mini-gun firepower. Damage model - Real-time deformation. Just because it's so much fun to destroy things. All-new pick-ups - Grab ammo refill, instant-repair and more right from the tracks. The perfect enhancement for online battles. Upgrade your rides with various tuning kits and parts. Now including full customization for multiplayer car setups. Action replays - View the most spectacular scenes over and over. Race against up to 8 friends in online matches, both VS-style or in teams. Single event - Set up matches just the way you want and race against AI. Career game - Rise to fame as a driver in the Crashday underground league and unlock cars and tuning parts as you progress. Mini games - Still not enough? Accept these six highscore challenges. We have crushed more than 100 bugs (oops!) from the original game. Last but not least: all of the classic music tracks from Crashday, including the unforgettable Pencilcase, Lowbuz, Peter Struck and more. Game Modes: Wrecking Match - The classic arena deathmatch; destroy or be destroyed; Stunt Mode - Amaze the audience by performing stunts, jumps and roll-over with your car. The freakier your show, the more points you get; Race - Be the first to cross the finish line. With or without weaponry distraction; Hold The Flag - Grab an awkwardly large smiley (why not a flag?) from your enemies and take it through the checkpoints to score and win; Pass The Bomb - A bomb on your car is armed, and the timer is running. Now quick. Pass on the bomb to your "friends" before it blows up. Bomb Run - Never drive slower than a certain speed, or a bomb in your car blows up. The evil deal - every time you pass a checkpoint, the minimum speed increases; Test Drive - Roam freely around your tracks without any limitations.
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