Oath to the Stars, An Himeki Games Ltd 2017

Left for dead by her closest friend and comrade, Hoshiko is now looking for revenge. Follow her in this modern hardcore danmaku SHMUP about revenge, friendship and honour. Features: Action packed SHMUP action - Brought to you by long-time genre lovers; Distance Overdrive - Get close to enemies and use your laser to deal more damage and gain faster kills; Momentum Combo - Increase your combo gauge killing enemies as fast as you can; Four Difficulty levels, from the accessible Easy to the super-challenging Inferno Mode; Dozens of controllers supported, including Dual Shock 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, Wii GamePad Pro, multiple Arcade Sticks, and Keyboard support; Local multiplayer; Full Control mapping; TATE Mode; Online Leaderboards and Achievements.
Download: None currently available

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