Ultimate Stage ATS 2002

In this fast-paced space shoot 'em up there is little time to relax. Armed with two types of automatic weapons (which have unlimited shots) and killer bombs (which will incinerate all enemies in view), your mission is to defeat wave upon wave of attacking alien space ships. The volume for both background music and sound effects is adjustable. The game can be played in either full screen mode or in a window (restart is required). When in windowed mode; pressing the left/right mouse button makes the window larger/smaller. The weapons shooting keys can be user defined but the defaults are... Shot1 = Z, Shot2 = X, Bomb = C. Movement = cursor keys. The twenty top scores are kept along with a replay of those games. One point also worth noting is that this is a Japanese game and some of the characters are not displayed correctly when played on an English language computer.
Full Demo 5.5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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