Uwabami Breakers The Drinking Party 2007

This is a danmaku shooting game and though ZUN had involvement in this game, it is not really considered to be part of the Touhou Project. The game was inspired to be based around alcoholism. The game's engine it based on Mountain of Faith, hence most of ZUN's involvement of the game. Players shoot incoming enemies (items of food and drink) as they fall and dodge the bullets that they shoot. The player has a Beer Gauge, which fills as the player shoots down enemies that have a 'chink' sound when they are shot down. All other enemies do not add to the beer gauge. The gauge fills at 3 liters, and the player's shot power increases with every liter of beer. Bombing results in a forward-facing attack that depletes the beer gauge by 1 liter. The capacity of the beer gauge is also decreased by 0.1 liters until the end of the level. The menu category is essential to scoring. Somewhat like Mountain of Faith, you'll always want to be shooting down enemies on the screen to keep the menu category high: Normal/Average, High (reached after defeating 3 enemies in a row), Very High (reached after defeating 9 enemies in a row), Supreme (reached after defeating 17 enemies in a row). As the menu category goes up, the amount of points you get for shooting them down goes up in a certain way depending on the enemy shot down. The standard Touhou control scheme (Shift for focus fire, Z to fire, X to bomb) applies. However, holding down the fire button results in a charge shot, which releases a barrage of chopsticks that stay in place when fired for a few seconds, then start homing towards any nearby enemies on screen. The C button produces standard rapid-fire. Typically, the barrage of chopsticks is more powerful than the standard rapid fire. The player makes their way through three stages, each of which has a boss at the end. On the left of the screen is a time gauge. The level begins with the time at the bottom, and as play progresses the time slowly advances toward the time at which that bar's last call (Last Order) occurs. Players must make it to the boss before Last Order. It doesn't have lives, per se - instead, dying results in the time moving forward by a certain amount. Once a player makes it to the boss, they can die as much as they want until Last Order time occurs. If the Last Order time comes before the player makes it to the boss, or the player dies on the boss after Last Order, the player is kicked out of that establishment and the game ends. Boss gameplay is the standard Touhou fare (normal attacks alternating with spell cards that can be captured for bonuses). During certain sections of the boss, getting too close will result in them releasing a short range circle of knives.
Full Demo 92MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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