Future Runners / Future Racers Vicente Penades, Newsoft / Leisure 2002

A very little-known futuristic race from a third party, created in Spain and published exclusively in the territory of this country. All routes are circular, and take place against the backdrop of futuristic cities. There are eight cars available (all futuristic and antigravitational, flying, however, very low above the ground), each of which is slightly different from the others in its characteristics. During the race, you do not see your competitors, but, one way or another, compete with them in time spent for the race, and on bonus points. The latter increase as you go (or rather say you are flying?) Without colliding with the walls along the sides of the track, and in case this happens, they are rapidly decreasing. However, there is no physics in the game, to break the machine, it seems. You cannot in principle even leave the limits of the track and be completely unpunished. There is both a championship mode, and the ability to just fly on specific routes. The game is made in full 3D, looks pretty juicy, although without any special frills. It is quite simple, but for connoisseurs of futuristic races, especially considering the rarity of this thing, it is worth paying attention to it.
Full Demo 30MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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