Z-Lock Hello World Project 2005

This shmup has ultra minimalist geometric graphics, triangular shots, and grid pattern high-tech matrix. The idea here is both classic, since it is a variant of scratch, and innovative since the scratching (a technique to gather the shots to win a bonus) is developed in a new way. In the normal mode of the game, the vessel has a frontal shot of low power. Enemy waves appear, and you aim before shooting: at the moment of this sight appear small cursors, indicating the point of impact of the enemy shots. The longer the player's ship stays on these cursors (in the middle of the line of sight), the more the striking force increases. The interest of these sights is therefore double, developing two game styles: They serve to lure the enemies emptying their cartridges on the target even if the player is gone and they serve as power-up, allowing to stream the area at full power. One or two possibilities: either the player dodging all the way, taking advantage of the lures but keeping a weak shot, or he moves as little as possible, "scratching" on the sights to have a huge shot at the risk of quickly being flooded. The idea, rather interesting, is further strengthened in the concept mode. If in normal mode the ship has a minimum service at the level of shooting, here there is nothing: the only way to obtain ammunition is to be in full on a target, the rest of the time the ship does not fire. Add to that a limited amount of fire by a bar of overheating, and you get very tactical, not so easy at first. The sound part is very electric at the level of sound effects, with some blips and funny blobs, the soundtrack is more excavated, with some themes boosted.
Free Game 5.6MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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