Element Ensemble: Wind of Moon Zwei Trial 2005

This is a shooting game with a few minor RPG elements attached. The general premise of the game is to build up your shooting skills. Different levels have different requirements that must be met before you can progress to more advanced stages. You're given a certain amount of time to get a certain amount of points and you can rack up points in a variety of ways, such as keeping a steady flow of gems coming your way to rack up a massive score bonus, killing major enemies very quickly, killing groups of major enemies at the same time for synchronization bonus, bumrushing major enemies and grabbing life pick-ups for Overdrive, etc. You can also use magic spells that give you different, more powerful waves of fire. Spells cost a set amount of a character's HP, and different characters have different spells. You'll also fight bosses along the way. The presentation is pretty basic as is the gameplay once learned, but the game is kinda fun overall.
Full Demo 299MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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