CastleMiner Warfare DigitalDNA Games LLC 2014

This is a competitive FPS with modern day firearms. It takes place on block based maps that are completely build-able and destructible. While playing you can freely switch between build mode and fight mode allowing you to build fortifications in the heat of battle. In addition there is a free build map mode where you can build your own maps, host and distribute them online. During your battles you will gain points for kills and progress through a series of ranks, unlocking new weapons, equipment, and blocks to place. Our fluid dynamics simulator, simulates fire, flammable oil, flowing lava, water, ice, and explosives. These materials flow through the map and interact with each other creating interesting challenges during battle. Imagine ambushing your enemy by blasting open an oil tank next to a fire, and engulfing half the map in flames. It's a direct port of the Xbox 360 title released in 2014. For this reason you can still plug your Xbox 360 controller in and play in the exact manner that you did back then. For this reason we have left in many of the Xbox 360 icons and help screens.
Trial Demo (uploaded by Official Site)

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