Starwish Anonymous D Studios 2011

This is an incredibly ambitious visual novel / RPG / sidescrolling space shooter. The game is split into two parts... classic arcade shooter action where you control a tiny ship hurtling through levels, blasting away at enemies and massive bosses that fill the screen with bullets, and visual novel-style inter-level segments where you can upgrade your ship, but more importantly, explore the vessel, talk to your crewmates to advance the story, and maybe even... romance? The story takes place far in the future, where a Coalition of Pirate Lords (space pirates!) has established an even greater presence than the Galactic Federation’s military, who are ruthlessly attempting to obliterate the pirates under the leadership of the calculating, powerful Captain Neferiti. You play Deuce, a lazy but talented young man who's a daring pilot for the crew of pirates and ship he calls home. As you might expect, one day Deuce and his friends stumble into a conflict far greater than themselves, and must face a great enemy unlike any the galaxy has ever encountered. The choices you make throughout, including who you decide to spend time with, influences major story events, and can even lead to budding romance with several intriguing characters, such as the very best, the Mothership’s brilliant but intimidatingly reckless Deadeye. The fact that the game takes hours to play through and even has multiple endings makes it all the more remarkable that everything about it, save its soundtrack by Auriplane, was created by a single person. If you have the time to spare (don't worry, it saves progress) and want to experience a grand fantasy-driven sci-fi space opera that blends visual novel elements and old school arcade gameplay, make this game a top priority.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Kongregate)

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