Out of Ammo: Death Drive RocketWerkz 2017

This is a hybrid game experience: one part base builder, one part first person action. Collect scrap, build emplacements and possess individual units. Make use of whatever you find on the battlefield to shoot, crush and maim the undead hordes hunting you down. Melee weapons and holster to store your weapons in. Collect and store weapons for later in the mission. A fully featured campaign across seven levels that takes the player through cities, malls and desolate landscapes in their search for safety. An expansive repertoire of realtime strategy gameplay - manage scrap collection, build and upgrade emplacements whilst managing ammo supply. A seamless combination of gunplay and melee action: Possess any unit and get in the fight. Mix and and match your offense by placing whatever weapon you see fit in either hand. Varied enemy types include shambling zombies, necromantic cultists and shoot-on-sight bandits, each with their own unique tactics and approach to combat. Multiple ways to upgrade your emplacements: Build a grenade launcher to decimate large hordes, an automated turret to lay down suppresive fire, or even build a kennel to summon Alby, the magical healing Dog.
Download: None currently available

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