Promethium Xiotex Studios Ltd 2017

The Promethium armada is headed to Earth, leaving a toxic trail of destruction in its wake. Commander Braybrook, it is your mission to take up the experimental deep space fighter and stop the armada before it reaches us - YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE. Inspired by classic Commodore 64 and arcade games (especially Uridium), it's a hard-as-nails retro inspired side-scrolling shoot-em-up that takes place over numerous levels that get harder and harder. If you're after a nice calm casual game, this isn't it. Fly left and right over the Promethium armada ships. They have shield generators protecting them. Hover over a shield generator to hack and disable it. Once all the shield generators are disabled a self destruct code will be sent to the armada ship causing it to explode. Be careful though, the armada ships are guarded by a fleet of fighters. Destroy enemy ships and collect the power pods they drop. These power pods are like cash, they allow you to buy power-ups. The available power-ups are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The power-up you can buy is highlighted in orange. Every time you collect a power pod the next power-up becomes available to you. Some power-ups are single use, some are multiple and some are timed. Experiment to find your perfect combination. It can be played on a joypad or if you're really brave and have the reflexes of a Ninja Cat then you can use a keyboard.
Download: None currently available

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