Red Faction 2 Outrage Games / THQ 2003

5 years after the occurrences in the 1st game in the series, Red Faction 2 starts. The dictator Sopot covers the world with war. You have served for years in the warfront, however, you see the futility of it and change sides. From now on you fight as an explosive expert Alias for the rebellion and with support from 5 other, specialized elite soldiers who owe their abilities to Nano technology. By immense enemy masses you go to field. Red Faction 2 is a Playstation 2 conversion and one tell this in the game, unfortunately, negatively. Designwise it cannot keep up with the competition. If the first part was not already of revolutionary design, the successor is simply disappointing. Part 1 was much nearer to "state-of-the-art" graphics. Also the opponent's masses do not impress much. One fights exclusively against human opponents, however, these are (even if partially with nanotech improvements) mostly stupid in AI. The first class amount of enemies from titles like Serious Sam is also not present. On the one hand, because the opponents look mostly dull, on the other because one expects at least some intelligence with human opponents. The teammates are rather meaningless too. At some places the game achieves a nice mood, however, only for a few moments. Also the level design and the story come up not too good. As in the predecessor, one can also enter vehicles like a helicopter which one cannot steer himself, and submarines (which rescue rather monotonous missions). Only the usable fight suit seemed fun to me. One feels in as in a mini Mech and cleans easily the opponents off the screen. Altogether, nevertheless, Red Faction 2 is disappointing and also is played through rather fast (much faster than the already not very long 1st part). The "improved" Geomod engine (where?) provides no real enrichment once more for the game. For part 3 (should this appear), the developers should considerably revamp to a better engine . If part 1 had found some fans, part 2 will disappoint most.
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Full Demo+Patch 1.01 178MB Intro 40MB Cutscenes 87MB Music 100MB (uploads by Scaryfun)
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2CD ISO Demo 835MB (upped by Egon68)
64bit OS fix (works also as a crack and backward compatibility fix) 713kb (uploaded by hfric)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.6 824MB (uploaded by Shattered)

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